Our Technology

Dried distillers grain has been a proven staple in confined feeding operations for years. MasterHand Milling’s 100% distillers grain cubes offer an efficient way to bring those same benefits to cattle on pasture at your ranch. The unique combination of high protein and high energy will allow you to reduce the volume of feed you handle, decrease expenses, and maximize returns on your feed investment. Plus, third-party lab analysis shows our extrusion technology also boosts digestibility and nutrient concentration over raw DDG.

Dried Distillers Grain

The number one source of protein used in cattle feedlots, dried distillers grain (DDG) is a co-product of the ethanol production process. The low cost alternative feed ingredient is produced in large quantities by the dry-grind fuel ethanol industry, and is rich in the protein, fat, minerals and vitamins that animals need. This high energy, protein and phosphorus content make DDG a very attractive replacement for some of the more expensive traditional energy, protein, and phosphorus ingredients used in animal feeds.

Dried distillers grains have a longer shelf life than wet distillers, allowing the product to be stored and transported over long distances. Though there can be a wide range of quality in distillers products, the MasterHand Milling team has an extensive background in ethanol plant operations and understands how to manage this variability. We have aligned ourselves with DDG producers who maintain consistent protein, fat and sulfur percentages, as well as the low amounts of residual starch and sugar that result from a well-run ethanol plant. Additionally, as many ethanol plants occasionally remove oil from their distillers grains, thereby reducing the amount of available animal energy in the final feed product, we carefully monitor the fat percentages in the DDG going into our cubes and pellets.

Extrusion Technology

Using groundbreaking technology, MasterHand Milling’s production plant transforms loose DDG into a consistent, high protein, high energy feed that carries a standard you can depend on. In our unique extrusion process, DDG is placed under pressure at high temperatures and forced through a die to create a compact, durable cube. Compared to other DDG-based products that are soft and leave behind significant waste, our technique produces a durable, compact cube that is ideal for feeding on pasture. In addition, our extrusion process offers distinct nutritional advantages as well.
During extrusion, nutrients in the distillers grains are broken down more completely than other processes, improving digestibility. Denatured proteins are more readily available for absorption, while broken down fiber encourages animals to eat slower, salivate more and have fewer digestive issues. Additionally, the process exposes fat bound in fiber particles, resulting in an increase in final net energy.

Simple, Superior Nutrition

MasterHand Milling distillers grain cubes and pellets offer simple, powerful nutrition with no gimmicks, fillers or blends — just concentrated energy and protein to boost performance and profits at all stages of production.