Nathan Arnold
Moriondo Farms

Matt Hegwer
Joplin Regional Stockyards

Perry Sorrell
Bartlett Co-op

Bennie Beutler
Beutler & Sons Rodeo Co.

Mark Yazel
Big Creek Ranch

Tyler Sharp
Sharp Bros. Feed & Seed

Brett Phipps
Calf Creek Feeds

Justin McKee
Hico, TX

Jeff Freeman
Pioneer Equipment


Pat Laird
Laird  Feeds

Jason & Kari Christensen
Crusty’s Feed Store

Mike Landrith
Bartlett, KS

“A truly great cattle cube that has shown dramatic differences on our cattle going into the spring. We sell it, because we believe in it!”

Tyler Sharp, Sharp Bros. Seed & Feed

“I’ve always liked using distillers grain as a supplement, but having it in cube form gives you a lot more flexibility in where you feed it. I think there’s a lot of power in feeding these distillers cubes in the summer.  Increasing stocking rate, increasing gain, and nearly doubling gain per acre certainly has economic power.”

Dr. Paul Beck, Oklahoma State University

“When it comes to cake, you guys have a great cube and a great product. It does great things for these cattle in the Sandhills, they flourish on it and they look phenomenal.”

Jason Christensen, Crusty's Feed Store

“Cattle fed MasterHand Milling range cubes started faster, gained better, had an improved dry matter conversion, and had a superior carcass to control pens that were not fed the range cubes.  It looks like this is truly a value added product you can use to improve the performance of your cattle being retained in the feedyard.”

Tom Fanning, Buffalo Feeders

“We shouldn’t be able to only feed a pellet and make cattle look this good.  We have parked the mixer truck and have improved performance and the quality of our cattle at sale time. We see tremendous differences in cattle in about two weeks, they take to the feed within 3-4 feedings. It’s really pretty unbelievable.”

Leon Winfrey, Plains, KS

“The ability of these cubes to maintain body condition on our cows through the winter with only a couple pounds a day has been incredible.  We’ve seen improvements to our breed up rates, and our replacement heifers are growing and cycling earlier.  MHM cubes are the best we’ve used!

Mike Wiggins, Eureka, KS

“I was skeptical because it was almost too good to be true.  I grow a lot of cattle in a grow yard and Dusty said I really didn’t need all the things a grow yard has in terms of machinery and overhead and products.  It’s all right here, a round bale feeder and a cube feeder, that’s all we need.  On the cowherd, we cut our feed costs in half by feeding half as much feed.  The calves look slick and shiny even in the winter, and they are gaining even better.  We’ve done a feed trial on grass where we were able to see a great return on our investment.  And now we are taking those grass cattle to the feed yard and I can’t wait to see the performance there.”

Justin McKee, Hico, TX

“Our experience has been phenomenal.  I really didn’t believe it would do everything Dusty said it would do, but it has.  The first year I fed MHM to half of my weaned calves and the other half fed our regular ration.  You could immediately tell the difference.  The nice thing was my gains were the same but my costs were cheaper on the MHM cubes. Now we have the entire operation on the cubes and the simplicity is just amazing.”

Greg Hale, Hale Ranch Feeds

“We wanted something that was highest quality and that we knew we could be proud to sell and MasterHand Milling fits right with our whole way of doing business. With the products we sell, we don’t want to be the cheapest we want to be the best.  Then of course long term when they see the results that’s what makes them like the product.”

Jeff Freeman, Pioneer Equipment

“Switched to MasterHand Milling earlier this year. Helped us save our pastures here in western KS as we had little too no moisture all summer and fall so we fed to keep them full and limit grass usage. It kept our girls in great condition and their guts full. We feed the larger pellet once or twice every week to keep them conditioned well and honest. Needless to say they are spoiled. Had some really cold weather lately and we have been using MHM for the digestible energy. We are very impressed and will not be changing anytime soon! Thanks for an amazing product!”

Blake Duff, Scott City, KS

“I think it is probably the most common cube fed through the Sandhills right now hands down. Everybody knows what it is because everyone uses it. There is a reason for that, the results speak for themselves and it’s really making a difference.”

Brett Phipps, Calf Creek Feeds

“On these calves, they eat what they want and then they quit, but you don’t have to feed as much as corn or something like that.  They’ve really held together well.  Usually when we come on the road we’ll lose some, but we haven’t had that same death loss this year.”

Bennie Beutler, Beutler & Sons Rodeo

“So far I’m really impressed with what I am seeing. Looking at the cattle, looking at the hair coat, looking at the cover you’d say, ‘hey we’re getting something done here.’ The conditions out here aren’t that great. This cube I think is going to be the answer to a lot of the problems. With the energy and the protein and the starch the way it is in the cubes, I think we can do a lot better job on these fall calves on this bluestem grass.”

Mark Yazel, Big Creek Ranch

“The best thing about the cubes first of all is their quality. We’ve had cubes before that fall apart and MasterHand Milling cubes do not. They’re going to stay together in the bins and when you go feed them out on the ground. Every bite of that cube is going to provide the nutrition that’s in the cube. It’s there it’s not being wasted. Nutritionally it’s second to none.”

Perry Sorrell, Bartlett Co-op